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Your future begins now, with classes that will help you set a new course toward a great career. Ask yourself what gets your juices flowing. Is it digital design, solar energy, healthcare? Start acquiring the knowledge and skills today that will inspire you to kick start a lifelong career!

This is the path to your future, and all roads lead to one place – Success.

Career Technical Education

(CTE) in California is organized into 15 industry sectors, or groupings, which link to specific career pathways. A career pathway is a coherent sequence of rigorous academic and technical courses that allow students to apply academics and to develop technical skills in a curricular area.

Career pathways prepare students for successful completion of state academic and technical standards and more advanced postsecondary course work related to the career in which they are interested. More

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Linked Learning

Gain skills, knowledge and experience, join a Linked Learning Academy and begin your education toward a successful career.
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